Castor Rex

The Castor or Beaver was discovered in France in a litter of common table rabbits when it was found to be devoid of the long guard hairs carried by other breeds. The mutation was developed and eventually arrived in the UK in 1926 when cross breeding produced the glowing range of rex colours and patterns accepted today. The Castor's rich chestnut top contrasts with its sparkling white belly and underside of tail. Desired length in all rexes is approximately ½ in, coat should have a velvety plushness. There are two types: the standard (6-8 lbs - 2.72 - 3.62 kgs) or the Mini (3½ lbs to 4½ lbs - 1.587 - 2.041 kgs).

National Castor Rex Club: Mrs S Bulman 01287 676558